Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers!

— What are the latest entry times to ensure visitors have enough time to go through the exhibitions during the gallery's opening hours?

3 exhibitions - 18:00

2 exhibitions - 18:30

1 exhibition - 19:00

— What is the name of the gallery today?

Central Gallery

— Why does the name "Gallery GOAP" sometimes appear when searching online?

That was the original name of our gallery from its founding many years ago. However, we have made some significant changes - including a name change.

— Where can you find us?

Staroměstské náměstí 15, Prague 1 (right in the heart of Prague, you can't miss us!)

— Is the gallery wheelchair accessible?

Our gallery is not entirely wheelchair accessible. There are three steps to the elevator. Due to the historic building, the elevator size is limited both in size and capacity. The internal elevator dimensions, which are 70cm x 80cm, may restrict access to larger electric wheelchairs and strollers. However, the exhibitions themselves are fully accessible, and they are located on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of the building. There is a spacious staircase between each floor.

— Can we bring our dog to the gallery?

You can certainly bring your dog with you. Just make sure your four-legged friend is leashed at all times and does not disturb other visitors.

— What is a lithography?

Lithography is a printing technique that allows reproducing images or text on flat surfaces, such as paper or stone. This technique was invented in the 18th century and has since become a popular form of artistic expression. The lithography process begins by applying oily drawings or texts to a smooth surface (typically a stone block). Then, a water solution with acid is applied to the stone surface. The oiliness on the stone block attracts color or ink, while the non-oily parts of the stone remain dry. The stone surface is then rolled onto paper or another printing surface, and pressure is applied to transfer the color to the surface. Lithography allows for detailed and high-quality reproductions of artwork or graphic texts and is popular both in artistic circles and commercial printing. The word "lithography" comes from Greek, meaning "writing or drawing on stone."

— Is lithography original artwork?

Lithography can be an original artwork if it is created by the artist themselves and is not a reproduction or reproductive technique. Original lithographs are hand-printed from a lithographic plate created by the artist and are usually numbered and signed.

— Are original works exhibited in your gallery during exhibitions?

Yes, in Central Gallery in Prague, you will find only original works of art. Exhibitions consist of lithographs, authentic posters, photographs, bronze sculptures, ceramics, and tapestries.

— We are a school group - are there discounts, and can we come unannounced?

Yes, if you are a group of 10 or more students, you will receive the "school group" price (see price list). You can come without a prior reservation, but if you need to pay in advance via invoice, contact us at info@centralgallery.cz If you decide to come and pay at the cash register, please pay as a group at once to save time and avoid queues. If you are a teacher accompanying a school group, your entry is free.

— Where are the lockers located?

Lockers are located on the 1st floor at the entrance. To lock them, you need a coin in the amount indicated directly on the locker; it is only a deposit, and you will get the coin back after unlocking it. If necessary, you can borrow a suitable coin in the gallery shop.

— Does the gallery have toilets?

Yes, there are free toilets for our visitors on the 1st floor of the gallery.

— Is the gallery shop open to the public?

Yes, there is a shop on the 1st floor of the gallery with a wide range of products, and you can visit it during gallery opening hours, even without a purchased ticket. All items are carefully selected, so you can choose from thematic souvenirs from Prague, porcelain with motifs by Alfons Mucha, iconic melting clocks by Salvador Dalí, to Andy Warhol posters. The shop offers many art books, ceramics, postcards, and local design.

What are the payment options?

Payment on the spot is possible in cash or by card, both in CZK and EUR. We have fixed prices in both Czech and euro currencies, which we accept fully as Czech currency (when paying in EUR in cash, we will also return EUR to you; when paying by card, we will charge the exact amount for the ticket, without any additional charges for conversion). If you wish to pay by bank transfer as a group (school group or travel agencies), please contact us before your visit at info@centralgallery.cz

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Disponujeme soukromou sbírkou děl Salvadora Dalího, Andyho Warhola a Alfonse Muchy. Nevšední životy těchto umělců jsou spjaty v čase a místě s Českým státem. I proto jsou vám představovánii v samotném srdci Prahy.

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